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Oh, hello again..

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Hi there. It's been a while.

I've not long put a deposit (yes, money) on a MK1 Cavalier 4 door, so I will inevitably be on the look out for parts come the end of the month when it arrives. I just thought to post to see if my old account was still active too—it appears to be so.

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On 30/07/2020 at 23:24, 1200bandit said:

Hi Rick

welcome back 
this is my third time back ( no manta at this time) 

Same here. I'd love another Manta (I've had 13 already) but I've been disheartened since selling my minter back in 2011. I had two projects since then, one of which is still being used and daily driven, t'other is somewhere in Ireland.

My MK1 Cavalier is due to be delivered Monday afternoon, so am looking forward to it arriving.

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Very nice, especially that coupe. I'm actually a hatchback man (the bells..) as they're what I remember from the 80s when I was a boy. My school headmaster and his wife both had his and her Mantas. His was a black 1.8 hatch, hers a white one on B plates.

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