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400r for sale

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I've made a hard decision and decided to put my 400r up for sale. The plan for this was to get some track time in with it this year but the virus put a stop to that and found out we are expecting another baby so doesn't look like I'll get on any tracks any time soon, so I think it's best to move it on. 
The car was built in the early 90s and was then rally prepared by tim ashton at BTR preparations at around 93. I purchased this car after it was found locked in a garage in letchworth and was in a sorry state. Since then I've installed new floor pans, new, chassis which I reinforced the inner with solid box section, jacking points I made also from box section and tied into the roll cage. Inner sills was repaired along with many, many other sections of the car. ZTHE FULL BUILD IS DOCUMENTED ON THE OMOC PROJECTS THREAD.The engine has been gone through, stripped and heads re, skimmed, vales seated, and new gaskets/seals. It runs and drives well, full respray and stone chipped underneath. Its had an absolute fortune spent on it over the years, and I have over 15k worth of recipes from the 90s which would convert into some serious cash in todays money ! 

The car is rally/track prepaired and has the relevant RAC/MSA logbook, it was re registered on a Q plate due to the amount of modifications its had to make it rally prepped, as was most of the competition cars. I have all the accompanying documentation from the cars test/Q registration. The car is a total 90s time warp build and looks the part too. It's no show pony by any stretch of the imagination, it was built to be rallied and driven hard not as a show car, so dont expect it to be concours/show winning condition because it's not, but does look very well. 

The specs are as follows....

Rover v8 motor from an SD1 
Tubular exhaust made by tony law, tucked and exits the rear panel for extra ground clearance 
5 speed manual SD1 gearbox 
Shortened and balanced prop GpA
ZF LSD with steel torque tube GpA
Bilstein heavy duty comp shocks all round
Comp springs 700lb front 180-235 rear
Quick rack steering 
Remote brake servo
Monza front brake set 
Rear disk conversion
Type 5 full roll cage inc twin cross and door bars
Fire walls front and rear
Fire extinguishers plumbed in, which can be trigger from inside and out
Emergency cut offs inside and out
5 stud hub conversion
Sealed 400 rear quarter windows
Engleman type mirrors
Front crossmember is 400 type setup with adjustable rose jointed top arms to increase castor angle, reduce steering weight and improve turn in
Seat harnesses 
Hydraulic hand brake 
Wildwood adjustable brake bias
Electric fan
Facet fuel pump and pressure reg
Brand new lucas up grade dizzy
Brand new lucas coil
Digital temp gauge 
Additional oil pressure and oil temp gauges
Remote oil filter 
Sump/Bush plate underneath 
Rev counter swapped out to match the v8 motor 
Brand new 10x17 dished alloys
Brand new tyres
Terra trip track timer
Terra trip comms with head sets
Montney steering wheel (centre boss missing)

Theres probably loads of other mods I've forgotten about too. 

Now the car needs a few bits finishing off. I may yet get these bits done depending how long the car remains with me for but this will be reflected in the price if I finish it off 👆👆

Passenger door card/sheeting need fitting, bucket seats need fixing down properly, harnesses need putting back in, gear box rubber mounts are perishing and could really do with swapping out, easy enough job to get at and do, reg plates need popping back on, and running through an mot, which again I may do before sale if the car hangs around a little while. 

I'm not in any kind of rush to get shut, I'm simply putting it in the market place, if it sells it sells. The price I'm asking is to take it as is. If I finish the bits off and mot it, I'll adjust the price accordingly. 

To sum up it's a great competition car and really wants using as it was built and intended to be (driven hard) It has some great history to it and was worked on by some of if not THE best in the business when it came to this stuff. it looks great and goes well, but again it wasnt built as a show car. Engine bay and boot are just in stone chip, and nothing special. 

I have all the paperwork, recipes, technical drawings, setups from TIM/BTR preparations, and stacks upon stacks of history,pictures and paperwork to go with the car. 

Viewing can be arranged no problem. 

The asking price is offers in the region of 15k

Collection would be from bury lancs.












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  Wicked looking competition/road car ....

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Hi Andy, from the beginning you showed this car I was always a fan of it. Bare metal, no compremises, love it. The corona crisis makes my "400" unreachable, so I understand what you feel. Hope this car gets a good home, and would like to see it again on this forum.

Grts, Herman.

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