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Manta A 1.9s clutch replacement?


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Hey guys. So im getting my manta soon, it has no clutch. The clutchplate is also missing, locally(south africa) i have not found any good leads yet for a replacement.

Is there any later model clutches that works on the manta A? Or maybe does anyone have any part numbers of clutch kits that works?

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@H-400 thanx. I was told today that the manta used the same engine as opel rekord aswell as chev firenza. And apparantly that the 2.0l rekord engine uses the same clutch. Have you heard anything like this?


I discovered that the clutch plate is still included. So i'll just repad the clutch. 


Now i need a waterpump.

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The clutches are not all the same, a more powerfull engine has got a bigger clutch. So you have to measure the diameter of the clutch plate and look for a pressure plate that fits. You'll have the 4-speed box so the relaese bearing must be one for the 4 speed. 

The waterpump will be one without visco clutch, but check it first. Both waterpumps (with or without) are also easy to find on those German webshops. Don't forget to order the gasket.


Grts, Herman

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