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Mk1 Cavalier Coupé auto


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Thanks both.

So. It was time to get her out of my garage and start the restoration. Been in there since 1998. 

Right. Screens and door hinges. Is best for screens to get them out from the inside with the rubber still on? Hinge pins, tried the pin removal tool, didn't shift just bent the bar and expanded the pins. No play in the hinges now though 🤣🤣🤣. Any other suggestions? 

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Welcome Nev.

Hinge pins can be a right pain in the proverbial fir sure. Hot oil over a few applications as be know to help, heat if you have it available. But I am sure you can see the access limitations if you need to drill them out. If they really are that stuck, removing wings willlet you have a little more access, but the hinge pin remover with a combination of freeing oil etc and heat is best here. I have had to chop a whole hinge off before (And weld back on), but that was an extreme case, hope you don't need to do that. 

As for windscreen, they come out from the outside. Pull out the locking strip and then use washing liquid, string method (google this fir buds, loads on YouTube from car restorers), or call a local Car glass company. I have used a one man band type guy before who pops by when he has time and charges me £30. He makes it look so easy too 😁

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Wait til you come across bonded glass, just wait fella, why anyone would want that as a job is beyond me, 

although the do charge £70 removal each window, x7, thats a remorgage!

Well done! Have you figured out how to put it back in? 

Honestly, they are not too bad, just wouldnt do it everyday.

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Weirdly, a direct upgrade without machining, are vectra 1.7d rear disks, zafira, mk4 astra calipers, mk3 cav gsi2000 front calipers, with 2.2 carlton vented disks, you will need a fabricated rear caliper mount.

Weirdly 13 inch ATS will fit front at least, never tried rear, but it do know 14 inch gte wheels wont fit.

Rostyles have a ridge on inner wheel that fouls calipers.

Never looked closely, maybe a band or a flatter rim, you could make your own specials, rostyles centre in a different rim, i did look at maybe using MG 14 inch, or range rover, but think they are 16inch, and 5 stud. 

Check this out ! Expensive,



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Door hinge pins. After much thrashing with the extractor tool including freeing oil, heat, brake fluid, auto transmission oil. Bloody things wouldn't budge.

Short of cutting the hinges off. Used air saw in the gap. Weirdly,  with air to the saw took the teeth off the blade. Remove air supply and use as a hacksaw, took a while but cut through slowly.

Top of hinge pins 1st then jack up door, all while door was shut, and cut through bottom of hinge pins.

Took 1 day and 3 blades to cut through.

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Doors are quite heavy, think the window runners double the weight.  Alloy runners would be an excellent upgrade with maybe electric motor!

Just learned recently a fully stripped metal door with internals removed weights nearly the same as an identical fibreglass made door, setup for polycarbonate windows.

As for gull wings, lambo, not worth the hassle or look! 

As for the linked car above, i do like the mattig bonnet, (400), ats 15inch wheels, and front seats, maybe, thats it! 

Never had a problem with manta doors width, parking parallel against kerbs or footpaths, you need to watch. 

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1 hour ago, NevilleThrashingRamsbottom said:


After much searching, messages to and fro and false promises I am still no nearer to an exhaust manifold tubular or cast.

Might see if I can make one.

Find someone that can weld and make your own. That's what i ended up doing after loads of failed attempts to modify various other makes and places that said they could make one until i got there and showed them what i wants!

Tacked the parts together and took it to a local welder who did all the tricky stuff 🙂


Project images are available to Club Members Only, Click to become an OMOC Member.

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