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Core plug


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8 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

How about a full set? Of one has gone, chances are other are close to need replacement anyway. £12 delivered is reasonable 


Ordered a set Jess

They were done 2 years ago when built it was test run but has only been in full use for the last month 

Maybe needs Re seating 


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5 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Silicone, as in cheap, nasty, bathroom sealant, i was thinking more of a heat resistant, water resistant resin or something, so it doesnt leak.

You need  automotive silicone.....comes in smaller toothpaste type tubes...


eg  https://coreplugs.co.uk/hylosil-instant-gasket-40ml-hig40#

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5 hours ago, cam.in.head said:

it shouldnt leak even if you use nothing ,ive always used red herm and never had issues.

you can also use blue herm or the liquid sealer as used on later oil pump covers that dont have a gasket.

personally wouldnt use silicone but then never tried as never needed to !

Absolutely, Red herm or equiv semi setting is best stuff for doing core plugs

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