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Or although we can keep a UK reg on a car in northern ireland, the dvla can be stubborn, or sneaky if its a nice plate ! B600........ and try to make you change it, example of NI format,  ADZ  31, WIA 4330, or jimmys WIA 4958, most ex works GB based Manta 400s where NI reg? No knows why?

Your car may been re-registered, either a new NI plate or age related.

Or if in the Republic, it would almost certain be reregistered.

Only hope is a pic, maybe someone will recognize it, or a dvla search on vin plate.

I dont know of any standard GTE coupes here, as most consider it is the ultimate manta, White, GTE, daytona recaros etc.

But thats not to say its moth balled, or hidden in a barn gathering dust.


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