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Idle adjustment 2.0e


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Tried to adjust idle and nut has sized onto the thread can I remove the threaded section out of the throttle housing so I can get some heat on it or is it attached to something inside?


Also what is the purpose of this adjuster/stop screw?.


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the throttle stop screw is to make sure that the butterfly ( throttle) doesnt close completely and jam up. usual procedure here is to unscrew it which will allow the throttle to close fully.then turn it until it JUST touches and then a quarter turn more. do not turn any more than this or the distributor vacuum advance will start to come into effect.also its worth doing this adjustment after you have cleaned all the gunge from the butterly valve with carb cleaner.


the other screw you mention is the idle speed which is basically an air bleed. yes you can remove the screw completely to free it up if needs be.

after all this and if you have acess to a co meter you can obtain the correct idle speed and adjust the idle mixture if it needs it with the bypass valve on the air flow meter. 

all explained in more detail in haynes manta book page 235

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