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no i  ever understood why they were there but gm made extra effort in making the rocker cover hole and the manifold stub so it must do something ? 

ive never noticed any issues from having it connected on mine so always keep it in place .with an occasional check that its not blocked .

if the car in question has got the pipe missing then there will be crankcase fumes coming out causing a smell and a slight manifold airleak ( if its not blocked !) 


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excellent. who knows why but it doesnt matter.  all the best.  ps at least we know you are a proper car nut !.   working on them in this weather proves it.! i dont know about where you


Hope you get sorted. A great reason to join the club is for the other technical threads. 

I've got a small rubber bung on the front of the turret and a breather filter on the back. It does pong if you don't route a pipe towards the road, like pre 50s cars had. The union on the inlet could feed a vacuum gauge on the dash or perhaps a crude nitrous oxide setup! 😄

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the only trouble with routing the pipe underneath is that cars behind will smell it,giving us car owners a bad name ! lol

otherwise the engine will actually run better theoretically without it as its supplying clean air rather than fumes !.

 thing is nowadays our engines ( especially carbs in particular) seem to suffer with modern fuel and dont have the smoothness and responsiveness the old 4 star used to have ( especially on trying to get a clean rev by blipping the throttle)and now weve got to make them all e10 proof as well by the looks of it !

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Hello folks, I've been busy doing a few jobs on the Cavalier  plus of course using the car on as many opportunities as possible. What a great car to drive! I've done 1250 miles since the end of October, car will return up to 35 m,p,g too. I've rebuilt both front floating calipers as all of the dust shields were absent, the brakes had started to drag and not release,  all good now though. One question though please, I can't remember if the seat belts should have a black plastic surround to where the actual belt passes through.  My guess is they should have, and mine are missing.       My next question is if they should be there, does anyone have a couple they might like to sell? Regards Paul. 

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