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Bought this when I was 18yo, and it's been off the road for..... ever? Late 90s I think... Usual story, chassis rot. Lots of work involved, so thought I'd better subscribe and hopefully get a bit of knowledge from the folks that know these things inside out!

First step is to get it stripped - hopefully engine coming out next week - and then get the chassis rails to a state where it's safe to go up on Ade's rotisserie thing! I did toy with the idea of strapping it to the bulkhead so I could perhaps rotate it just a little to make life easier with getting to the swan necks, dunno if anyone's tried that before? Obviously it won't go far round, but even a few degrees would help with access.

Also, the wing tops are pretty much gone (but inner wings pretty good). Current ideas being tossed around are going the spaceframe/flip-front route, or somehow getting some new wing tops in the right place. All ideas buzzing around anyway, am sure you'll see more of this lunacy as the weeks go by !





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Thought id list replacement new panels that i know of exist or did exist, any missed or new or redundant, im sure someone will update.

Front panel, 4 slot, just grill section.  Wing rail repairs, chassis legs, jacking points, inner guard A post, sills, rear panels, quarter repair sections rear, arches, think thats the lot, oh, front valance

Where available new, door skins, roof skins, wings, inner guards, quarters. Do come up from time to time, also you do get breakers from time to time, 

Welcome! And enjoy, atleast the wielding will heat the shed coming into bitter season! 

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18 hours ago, andyinv said:

Thanks Danny, I was looking at those last night. Looks like some superb work there, so will see if he can post out.

I have used them on mine, way better than the originals and way better than the others out there. They cost more but you get what you pay for.

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On 08/10/2020 at 08:02, Danny D114BCW said:

I have used them on mine, way better than the originals and way better than the others out there. They cost more but you get what you pay for.

Just ordered a set.  Should be here in 3 weeks.  I'll let you know what they are like.  Though tbh I've only ever heard good reviews of his work. 

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Thanks all. Engine n gearbox came out on Saturday, got a mate coming over to help with glass and dash/trim this weekend. Then to see what's what with the bodywork, and see if I can work out what the hell I'm doing! ;)

Current plan is to get it strong enough to go up on the rotisserie. Rear is fine, but front not looking bonny. However, was pleased to see some actually decent metal lurking around in the chassis rails. Albeit in the minority...



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