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Autoplas Rear Window Louvre

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I know we are all different but this “ styling accessory’  is not for me. Needs a set of Carlos fandango wheels to go with it . I’m at the age where my neck and back does not turn enough to be able to look over my shoulder when reversing so I fear this could have an impact on rear vision 😂

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Would be nicer, if the is such a thing, if it followed the design look, of the side louvers,

At £180 starting bid, the over a £1 per MPH, has to be worth it, ive done p!enty of crazy things in a manta, but 150mph, not yet! Nearly though! 

Looking at the attachments, do the wee grommets slot into the rear window rubber, seriously, it would be gone at 50mph! 

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£1 per MPH makes it £50 then, probably a more realistic price for a bit of fun, couldn’t see this as a permanent fixture to a standard spec car, would better suit a modded one. Thinking back in years when Peterhead and Fraserburgh were full of Mantas can’t  remember ever seeing a rear louvre fitted? It was usually Pioneer TSX11 speakers and a sheepskin rug over the back seat, A massive collection of forest fresh Magic trees from the rear view mirror, a tall leggy blonde in the passenger seat 😁

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19 hours ago, Danny D114BCW said:

Hopefully somebody buys this and destroys it so it cannot offend another car or persons eyes ever again. 

I agree with dan. Please set it on fire for us all to see 😀

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Went to Munich and south Germany, must have been 93, 94.

Remember seeing mantas in the odd car park, jacked up at the back, hotrod style, wolfrace wheels, fur on the dash, big ariels, fox tails? Dont know what thats about, oh, yehlouvers all round, yes side quarters and back windows. Nice!

I was after one, for the novelity retro look, honest! And the hope to go 150mph, guess there are different styles, types.



Still dont know how they hold on,

Anyone wants rid, id happily take it, honestly!

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22 hours ago, Danny D114BCW said:

They basically sit on brackets that sit in the rear window seal. 

So what ur saying is,  expect a insurance claim.

1 hour ago, Jessopia74 said:

Well your talking about the same groups that now style thier cars with tiny alloys and fit roof racks with those travel boxes and a bike for 'style' 🤦🏻‍♂️

And this is us! Ahem!  Sticks and stones 🤦🏻‍♂️

Germans Have a Whole Genre of Jokes About One Particular Kind of Opel

German culture, and film, der manta , manta!  


Every country seems to have its particular cars that are the butt of jokes. Here in America, we have jokes about Mustang drivers plowing into crowds, for example. Or jokes about the creepiness of while Econoline vans. But I don’t think any particular car in America has generated such an enthusiastic and specific joke culture as the Opel Manta has in Germany.

If you’re not familiar with the Opel Manta, we did get them here in America, briefly, via GM’s Buick dealers. I always thought they were very attractive cars, clean and handsome without being overdone, all concepts that feel very much at odds with the Manta’s reputation in Germany.

The jokes seem to revolve around the idea that the Manta driver (Mantafahrer) is a “male driver of an Opel Manta, who is an aggressive driver, dull, lower class, macho, and infatuated with both his car and his blonde hairdresser girlfriend.”  I guess it’s loosely similar to American stereotypes of mullet-topped Camaro drivers, but the whole thing seems to be a much bigger deal in Germany.

Here’s some examples of jokes, since I know you’ve got to be really curious by now:

A Manta driver goes to the garage: “Could you repair my horn?” “Your brakes aren’t working either,” notices the mechanic. “I know, that’s why I need to honk all the time.”

What is the shortest Manta joke ever? - Ein Manta steht vor der Uni (A Manta is parked in front of the university).

What does a Manta driver say after crashing into a tree? – Komisch—hab doch gehupt! (“Odd. I did honk!”)

How does a Manta owner take a family portrait? By driving his whole family at 200 kmh through photo-radar.

Why do Mantas have eight auxiliary headlights? So its driver can wear sunglasses at night.

A man comes to the Brain Transplant Clinic. The head doctor shows him some of the available merchandise:

Doc: ... and here we have the brain of a Physics Professor. It costs 1500 DM.

Man: And what is that one there?

Doc: That is something very special! It costs 8000 DM.

Man: What? Why is it so expensive then?

Doc: Well, that is the brain of a Manta Driver. Totally unused ...

Q: Why will mantas be built now that are 60mm higher off the ground?

A: So that they can be lowered even further...

An MD (Manta Driver) wants to sell his Manta and so puts an advert in the paper:

Opel Manta GTE 200,000 km DM 4500

One week later ... nothing happens.

Two weeks later ... still nothing.

In the third week a friend phones up and says, “Ey, are you daft? If you say the car has done 200,000 km nobody will be interested. Take a screwdriver and turn the mileometer back to 50,000 km, then try selling it again.”

One week later the advertisment is no longer in the paper. The friend rings up again and asks, “Hey, what’s up with your Manta?”

The MD replies, “Ey, man, do you think I’m going to sell a Manta that’s only done 50,000 km?”


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Well be happy you live in the US of A, I was stationed for 8 years in Germany and drove a Manta B, and indeed this film came out:


And the same time, it was not enough, this happened:


So all the Germans had fun with my car, but the army moved me to another place, barracks in the neighbourhood of Antwerp. Me happy but after some time a Belgian (Flemish) 

show came on television:


Don't try to understand it, it's Flemish... Remember I was watching this on tele and said to my wife " Got to drive tomorrow to the barracks with the Manta, man they gonna have fun"...

After some time this show was ended but in Holland they came up with another movie:

And this movie was a hit in Holland, Belgium and Germany (for the youth) So I think I'v got to emigrate to the UK...

About the jokes: 

Do you know when a Manta Driver parked his car in the garage? Cause he has a blood on his elbow.

How do you recognize a Manta driver in the winter? He has got a icicle on his elbow.


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