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Hoobby the 1st, that rotten GT/J coupe

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51 minutes ago, stumpy said:

fantastic build and great story  nice to have a build where its already completed  so dont need to wait for the next instalment lol
  could i ask where you got this panelor did you fabricate it yourself 

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Dave at Mantasport made and fitted that panel as the shell needed the strength before going on the roll over jig for the chassis work

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On 22/10/2020 at 18:40, fullsunian said:

I stripped the car including removing the engine and box and early January this year I trailered the rolling shell to Davids workshop. I think he was shocked just how bad it was, but wasnt fazed at all.

David had to do additional work just to get strength in the shell so he could mount it on the roll over jig, but within a few weeks he was on the phone saying, come and get it. I came away with a pick up full of much needed bits AND most important of all a roll over jig.

I've got to say its a hell of a transformation from when i first saw it and even from when it left my workshop with the chassis rails fitted. That is the rustiest manta that i've been asked to work on so far (and no that isn't a challange for people to bring me worse ones!)

I'm glad you stopped cutting the rust out when you did, i don't think it would have kept its shape with much more removed before new metal went back in. I had to add quite a bit of bracing and repair a few bits before i was even willing to try taking its axles out and mounting it on the spit. Even then i had to jack it up on its axles as i couldn't use my ramp because there wasn't enough structure in the floor or what was left of the chassis rails to lift it from. I have kept the one old chassis rail to show people how bad they can blow open from rust working its way from inside out.

The VBOA meet is not like a lot of car shows where the cars are all layed out in one area and people sit next to their cars in deck chairs. Its a lot more social than that and there is more than enough drinking while sat around a fire late at night to keep you happy. Infact its not just late at night its most of the day in certain areas.


On 25/10/2020 at 23:01, fullsunian said:

Dave at Mantasport made and fitted that panel as the shell needed the strength before going on the roll over jig for the chassis work

That A panel was made specifically for the car as it needed to reach back further than normal in a couple of places as the rot had spread more than normal (common story with that shell). I do have a few of the normal panels on the shelf currently from the last time someone asked me to make them one. Its easier to make a couple at a time rather than just the one to save having to set things up each time.


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On 30/10/2020 at 08:48, fullsunian said:

Thanks David, glad you didnt tell me at the time that it was the worst you had worked on. I may well of broken it 😳

Well technically i did work on one that was worse, but that only involved chopping it up into pieces :ph34r:

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  • 5 months later...

Well I have taxed it this morning, first time in god knows how many years. Guess what I will be doing this evening?...as long as its not raining.


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Absolutely brilliant transformation. Its great to see a car that badly rotten have the time and effort put into restoring it, instead of chopping it up. Well done Ian, its a shame we couldnt have had you collect parts from me while I was at home because sure as hell ive got a bottle of champagne you could have taken with you to celebrate! Im Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh!

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