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Wot is this part??

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Only seen that pack on very early ones, Think it was Herman who linked one previously. It's for the ignition coil for cold starting conditions they fitted a lower Voltage coil, dropped through the resistor pack. When cranking for starting it bypassed the resistors to take into account the cold battery's lower cranking volts.

WRONG - see answer below 💪

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I was wrong
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1 hour ago, cam.in.head said:

have seen a similar setup on a 79 senator but a 6 way resistor pack. that one was used in series with the injectors thou . 

Ah, I think your right now you mention that. It does look too big for a coil. Jogged the grey matter 🤦🏻‍♂️
It was when Herman was talking about early L-Jetronic compared to LE-Jetronic , it is for the injectors

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The L-jetronic works with 6Volt injectors, this part is the resistor pack for those injectors. Jess has got also a point, the half of this pack is used also for the ignition but has got another funktion. Where that 4-pack just feeds every injector the 2-pack is overruled by the "16" of the starter motor to give the coil a higher voltage just to start. 

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