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Cavalier MK1 GL Saloon (Automatic)


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Wow, it's been a while! 

The lack of a car seat was a massive problem but the AxKidd Minikid fits okay with the additional bolster. So now it's probably getting used more than my C1!

My wife wheeled wheels flash rusted over winter so I decided to get them finished before the spring. I got the backs of two done this lunchtime and will see if I can progress the rest over the next two weeks. I found a use for my old practical classics magazines.

Hopefully this year's projects will be

- wheels

- clean carb to fix a sticky valve

- sort blower fan (again)

- fit front spoiler

- fit rear light and alarm

- spray underside of bonnet

- spray rear brakes

- polish wheel arch chrome and fit mudguards/splashguards

- apply lanoguard before winter

Plenty to keep me busy.

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The spokes are just polished steel. Doesn't look too different from the Chrome beauty ring though. I just thought it would be better than trying to get a good result from a chrome spray. The rest is just silver and gloss black. 

I have some wax to wax them but want to get them all finished first. I may clear coat one and wax the rest and see how they fare.

They'll mainly go on for summer shows or when I feel like a softer ride. I'm aiming to get them finished to take my pregnant wife to hospital in the next two weeks so it's a smooth ride.

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Great job, they work great. 

I like your trial or error process, there is etch lacquer available, or direct to metal clear coat. 

I am currently polishing alloys to a mirror finish, next up is a metal headlight reflector, and banded steels, rostyles. 👍

Ps, good luck with Ur hospital trip ! 

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