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Fuel pump test on 87 GSI


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Hi I am still having problems starting this car,There is no fuel coming into the rail, checked fuse power to relay.Tried to test pump on car,still no joy any ideas.

Any replies gratfully received

Kind Regards


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to confirm pump running or not. unplug the small spade on the starter motor and leave in free air. 

if you turn the key and hold it in the start position pump should run.

if it doesnt then you need to bridge the fusebox fuse to 12v or 

unplug the injection relay and check for voltages.you should have 12v to terminal 30 . if so put in a link across to terminal 87b. this should run the pump. 

if not then its either fuse or wiring to pump or pump itself. you will need to check that 12v is reaching the pump .hopefully it may just be the live connection,or the earth connection. 

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