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Steering column bearings

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Been away from the club for a while, but am able to do some work on my A-series again now.

First on the list is to replace the bearings in the steering column. I have both upper and lower bearings (I think). Can anyone confirm if the below is the right bearing for the bottom of the A-series column? It seems to have a rectangular 'thing' sticking out of the side, but I can't see where that would locate in the column outer? My column outer seems to have a hole for a round 'thing'?

Also in the bag with the bearing were the 2 blue items. One looks like a sort of flat spring maybe, the other smaller one I have no idea. Anyone know where they go?




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Hey Fin

I will reply to your message in a bit.

The bearing is the lower one in the engine bay, think they were from the B series as the A was one that had felt and not ball bearings. I replaced mine with one the same. I would need to check mine to see if i took the square bit off as i did think it located into the base of the steering column end, but it was a while ago that i did it!

The rubber bit looks like the boot on the steering rack where it comes out of the rack to go up to the column (see image link) i have removed the damper on mine as have a damper in the Borgeson UJ. the steering rack has a couple of spring clips to hold bits in so could those blue ones be from that?



The other pic looks like the collapsible part of the inner column? they have to plastic plugs that brake so the column collapses rather than harpoon you!


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Thanks Andy.

OK, I figured out what the blue things are, they are just the retainers to keep the rubber boot on! D'oh! That boot actually goes over the end of the column, in the engine bay, to keep dirt out of the lower bearing.

I had an old scrap column, which I disassembled. The old felt bearing has two round 'things' on the outer diameter, which retain in 2 round holes in the fixed bit of the column.

The replacement new bearing has a rectangular bit, which does actually align with a rectangular notch in the column. Strange that Opel seemed to make the column suitable to use either type of bearing? 

My only remaining question is what retains that new bearing in the column? I could push it in, it's probably a tightish fit I'm guessing, but there's nothing to actually retain it. Should I be using some sort of adhesive, to bond it to the inside of the bottom of the column? Or is the press fit good enough?


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Hey Fin

My memory was not too far off! Now i see your other pic was of the old bush not the but further up where is collapsible.

I think the column is the same (or very similar) on A and B and i think it was more an upgrade on the B for the bearing one as the old felt ones dont last that long.

Never used anything to retain mine, the push fit seems fine, been on there for years with no issues.

Never realised they had a boot on the!! is it big enough to fit right over the end of the column?



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if its the same idea as the b there is a spring between the lower bearing and the u/j .this will hold the bearing in and keeps the bearing races inside it firm.

the lower bearing has lots of side movement unless held together

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