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Manta 400 Front Wing Wall Art £4990

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15 minutes ago, ®evo03 said:

At at a quick first glance, seems legit, as its not vinyl cut, but hand painted by a signwriter, hard to believe they where still doing this in the late 80s

I heard they would fit the panels to a car. Paint it and sticker it up then strip it again and carry on that process. 

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Yeh probably did this for spares, if damage happened during the event, you can tell its handpainted by the not so perfect lettering, ok its readable as it travels past you at 100mph! 

The andrew woods manta was still in signwriting lettering up until it was restored a few years ago, although i think they used some signwriting again for originality. 

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Yeh, its a nice skill to have, real oldschool, dying art! The proper ox hair brushes are expensive too! 

Thinking of doing a profile of a manta on my wall using rusted out manta parts, to show people what we are up against, thinking of doing some artwork on the door, like a old american truck. Got the plasma cutter and the rusty shells, all i need is for lockdown to end? 

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