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GT/E Door Cards wanted - Daytona Cheque era (Charcoal grey ones)

Irmscher Man

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Hi all,

I am after a pair of front door cards for an early GT/E coupe with the dark interior. These would be the standard GT/E's (i.e. not exclusives) with the charcoal grey door cards and trim. Preferably without any speaker holes but beggers cant be choosers I suppose!

If you also have the door handles to go wth these - that would be a bonus. I have some window winder handles and chrome door lock catches......(probably pulled out of scrap yards all those years ago and accidentally fell in my tool box :-))

Pictures are from various cars with the door cards that I am looking for. 

It would be amazing to find some - I thought I kept the ones I had off the white coupe that I scrapped years ago but I think I gave them away to someone.

Thanks in advance!




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6 hours ago, Troubled Taff said:

Again, I may have some but they will be in storage. I'll try to look later on in the month.

No rush. But if you find them I’d be interested along with anything else black interior wise cheers 

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