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‘80 Cav 4 door saloon looks very original

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4 hours ago, Trooker said:

there can’t be many like this?

Indeed not! Very smart it looks too in Sapphire Blue. The MOT history is very good. 

Currently just shy of £5K and reserve not met as yet, with 48 hrs to run.

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2 hours ago, Jessopia74 said:

Impressive bids for a 4 door Cav 

They’re getting to be rare in decent  condition & you can make a Cav look cool instead of concourse if you wish.   

All kinds of ‘70s & 80s cars that you wouldn’t look twice at are creeping up in value. Search & be surprised. We think modern SUV’s are bland but I think there’s real competition in the magnolia stakes from an automatic mid 80’s Nissan sunny. £2k on the bay    

Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be 😜

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A lovely car indeed, from the town I come from too, its very close to the price I paid for my green GLS saloon last year, would like to see the rust that's mentioned. Hopefully only on the surface. 

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8 hours ago, Rapierdave said:

Ended up at £5450 but didn't meet reserve

I think £5k + is a good price for a Cavalier saloon.

Wonder what the reserve is at then 🤯

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