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Seats for the A series - What are your thoughts?


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Hi All

I currently have these Cobra Daytona seats in the A series and although they are super comfy i feel they just look too big in the car and just dont fit the feel of the car now i have it back on the road.



So im thinking of putting a set of these in instead, thoughts??



I know they don't have the harness slots (which  was the original reason for getting the Daytona's) but a lot of the old ford guys just seem to pop them through under the head rest.

What do you all think??



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14 hours ago, 1900SR said:

I think these look great in an A.


They look like the ones i took out about 15 years ago 🙂

14 hours ago, paulmanta said:

I put porsche 944 seats in mine because the design suited the curves of the A series. 


They don't have slots or a headrest hole though. 


They are nice, similar sort of style. i looked at a few like that with slots but they were all a bit high, so i thought ones with head rests would let me still run the harnesses but look a bit more of a similar style that would fit with the look of the A.

Ordered the Cobra's today, so when they arrive (8 weeks!) and i have them fitted i will post a pic of them.



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