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Measurements Rear Axle "400"


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In 2014 I helped on a topic but some forum members can't open that topic anymore. Uploaded the pics again and gonna try with some copy/past to fit the text again. 

Chassis Manta/Ascona 400:





The other foto shows where the upper links are placed. On the rear you can see the thin sway bar, and also the black stabilisation bar, that one is identical as

the original one (size)but the inner is cilindrical.

I can give you the dimensions of the upper and lower arms, with some math I can calculate the angle of both, the localisation of the arms on the axle from the

centre of the axle...

I saw that the brackets look like welded boxes but they have already an angle, I think they are not the same as a commo axle.

Length lower links (centre bolt to centre bolt):54cm

top links (centre bolt to centre bolt):29.5cm

Following measurments are taken where the centre of the link crosses the centre of the bolt:

Distance between the lower links (Left-right) chassis side:71cm

axle side: 103cm

top links chassis side:76.5cm

axle side: 65cm

Distance between the top of the 19mm bolts of the lower links axle side, measured on the inside left to right: 92mm

Pictures in the next post!





Mounting of sway bar


Other pics:





Some measurments:


Bump stop above the nose of the diff:






Distance between series leg and 400 chassis leg


After some calculating I have the next results: Angle of lower link 17.2 degrees

Angle of top link: 11.2 degrees

If you compare the pictures you can see on sight that the angle of the lower link is bigger than the top link.



The centre prop mount, from the centre of the cross to the gearbox-house (the end with the oil-seal)it is 60cm.

From the centre of the cross to the centre of the cross rear axle side is 73cm.



Retro Power (someone on this forum) gave also some helpfull info:

Digging up this topic as I'm doing some "sorting out" regarding a few 400 rear axle related things.

Just measuring up on a good straight 400 road car with no known accident history etc so I can make a jig for locating the rear chassis rail sections on the 'shell.

This is now done and I have made a few observations, which largely agree with what's above but just thought I'd record them here for posterity and future reference!

The upper link brackets appear to be as near as makes no difference 12 degrees outwards from perpendicular with the axle tube.

The upper links are 296mm long between centres

Lower links are 16 degrees inwards from perpendicular.

Lower link brackets on axle are spaced further apart on 400 axle compared to commodore axle

Upper link brackets are closer together on 400 than commodore

Rear shock absorber mounts are higher up on lower link brackets on 400 compared to commodore.

Panhard rod mounting is different between 400 and commodore




If someone has got more questions about this topic don't hesitate, 

Grts, Herman

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