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Help Clarke strong arm 3 ton jack knackered ?


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Sounds like either too much oil , but then you have checked it , or a mechanical blockage. I would drain some oil out first and see if it goes down. If not you need to see if it’s the cylinder or the mechanism that’s stopping it. I had a similar thing with my sealey  one and turned out to be a small piece of gravel stopping it 

Does it go down at all  and is it only faulty if raised fully

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This jack (high lift) will  only lift a car halfway and hold the weight but refuses to lift any further it lifts  but keeps droping back down as if you have reached the maximum lift will not hold weight on maximum lift but will drop to halfway down and hold weight

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16 minutes ago, Jessopia74 said:

too dangerous and not worth the risk

Don't worry I don't trust it at all then again I never trust any jack I always use axle stands before getting underneath or removing wheels shame I only used it a few times.

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