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Fpr, fuel pressure reg, adjustable one is used for mods like bigger injectors, know its a big think with later engines and even reaches as far back as the mk3 golfs, anyone up the game increasing injector size in the cih GTE? Think xe injectors are an upgrade for gti golfs, and saab injectors for xe, just interested. 

Adjustable fpr can be used for carbs etc too,  on the feed line. 

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4 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Any suggestions the increase airflow, some say a cone filter actually decreases air volume. 

Are GTE ecu mapable? Or is it aftermarket standalone. 

Restriction is not in the filter panel as such, but the design of the plenum and mostly the mass airflow metering unit. It's a bad compromise of a design, but changing it to a larger unit also has its problems.

But as the head just can't flow high cfm anyway, this is where the largest bottleneck to power is. Having a properly ported head, with valve work is best way to increase CFM needs of the engine for the upper half of its Rev range.

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