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Anthracite 83A auto GTE hatch for sale/auction

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  • Monaco Blue changed the title to Anthracite 83A auto GTE hatch for sale/auction

The foglight lense pattern not being parallel to the rear bumper/ground would really get to me !!!!


That's the way to sell a car - loads and loads of pics. However nothing from underneath, and lots of orange peel in the paintwork so I do wonder if its had a fresh paint within a couple of years and stuff is already starting to come through.

Looks lovely.

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hopefully the daft side sticker things would come off and sure its certainly had a cheap blowover in the past maybee all over albeit well masked but ovelooking that and if its as sound as it seems to present then it does look a very good example.

the body lines and gaps are excellent and the interior trim and presentation is second to none.

this has always been my preference and argument about finding an original unrestored car that didnt begin as a high mileage worn out wreck.the quality of the interior and body fittings are as near to new as possible and to make a bad example into a car like this one would be impossible .( or very very difficult )if its as good underneath as it is on top then all is good.

minor changes like the foglight,boot light,stereo etc should be easy enough and hopefully it should wet sand and re polish up to a better standard if the new owner so desired .

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