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panel cuts odds and sods


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so i did advertise before but with work i wasnt around or at home for any period of time to get pics ..off work for two weeks so try again

left and right inner wing cut from my gold coupe not bad and definitely useable  needs minor repair at front and  the usual at rear where it meets the bulkhead  it was removed as one unit with engine bay chassis rails and front x memeber/radiator support antiroll bar mounting brackets will seperate £125

i have another left and right inner wing in good condition  with the front few inches missing where the nose cone was removed there is also a large section of bulkhead /splash panel [in good condition] left attached  £ £80  a side
heater hose panel  
1.8 berlinetta axle from low ileage car £75

various interior bits dash top clocks rear quarter interior panels varios plastic pipes ect forthe blowers theyre taking up room i dont need them so if no interest will be getting shot so someone please make use of them 

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ime just looking back through pics now its in the boot and has been over a twelve month i think its black ?? the interior quarter panel trim/covers i beleive are  a dark tan..the other iner wings can be seen in the backrounds

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1 hour ago, Sutty2006 said:

I’m still after a cut out of the boot seal lip top left corner. 

i will have one when i remove the  quarter n that side mate be in the next few weeks


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