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1975 A Series

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7 hours ago, TheRealExile said:

Not sure, the seller says  'Chassis plate on this one is on the door pillar' 


Never seen an A with it on the door pillar!!

But as 1900SR says the chassis number should be on the scuttle panel. Be interested to see if it is.

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This is correct for a South African built Manta A - I have a genuine GMSA Manta A.  The chassis plate is is on the passenger side B post and there is no VIN number stamped on the scuttle.  The VIN number will not be a recognisable Opel number: it is a GM South African allocated number.

The car advertised would appear to have earlier style over-riders.  Those on a 1975 SA car should be all rubber.  The Rallye wheels fitted are correct for the year in SA.  It may also have the Rallye spec front suspension: my manual does but I'm not sure about automatics.  Late model SA automatics were to Luxus specification, all with vinyl tops.  This may have been: it appears the nearside C-pillar has a couple of studs to affix the chrome finishing strip.

The key question with a SA built Manta is where was it registered: if it came from the interior the body should be in reasonable condition.  If it was from the Kwa Zulu Natal or Eastern Cape coast it will need careful checking: a highly corrosive climate - hot and humid with onshore salt-laden winds.  Cavity wax treatment did not come standard but was highly recommended - the reason my Durban registered car survived!

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