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Side Vent Fixing Plugs and other bits and bobs

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Has anyone been able to source the plastic plugs that fix the side vent cover panel. I thought I had found some but when they arrived I realised they were too small.1ACD58BE-55A7-4528-8CA8-74D3382D67CF.thumb.jpeg.f18a2916333ca30239390d9408363c10.jpeg


Also still looking for;

Door check straps - failing this just new rubbers.

Dashboard top in Black

Roof aerial

Black carpets - may consider other colours if in really nice condition.

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I would be interested too....for larger parts, I saw a Wheeler Dealers/SOS program  ? the other day when they managed to get a Astra GTE wheel centre cap 3D printed...plastic or metal parts can be reproduced..

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