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Stutter when running warm...


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When I set off for a run the car is as good as gold, nice & smooth, but after about 30 mins when at full temp I get a stutter.

Ok once at high revs but just a bit of hesitation when squeazing the accelerator.

Not sure if its fuel or electric, running std plugs & points & Weber carb.


Any suggestions ?

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Could be either to be honest Sam, but I would start with the cheapest item and go from there.

My list would be:

- Check dizzy to carb vacuum line

- Replace points AND condenser

- Replace rotor arm

- Replace dizzy cap

- Replace air filter

- Replace plugs

- Check/Replace coil

- Check/Replace/Add in-line fuel filter

- Check/adjust static and dynamic timing

- Check fuel delivery from pump

Good luck!

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also ,especially nowadays with modern fuel i wouldnt dismiss it just being a symptom of the hot weather. .mine is running standard varajet and has the occasional wobble when up to temp. so did the omega this week and never before but its been very hot (relatively speaking !) this week.

obviously no harm in changing ( or cleaning,gapping) points if youre still using them and doing the other checks ian suggested anyway if just for elimination ,peice of mind.   also while your at it maybee changing the fuel hoses for R9 rated for the ethanol issue. 

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