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Manta B or Cav Sports Hatch hunting.


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Hi, I'm looking for a early Manta B or Cav sports hatch/coupe I've posted in the wanted section but haven't had anything yet. I can't seem to post on that thread now to show I'm still looking?

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if youd asked a couple years back you could have had my brothers for free. 

nothing wrong with it apart from a little bubbling around arches but he needed it gone quickly for some room. no bids on ebay at the time..

however they do pop up on ebay from time to time in running order but prices have gone silly nowadays for older cars

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You have to have a realistic price in mind

Put the word out everywhere and anywhere that you want and will to buy a manta 

l have got one from lreland ( delivery on Monday afternoon) 

I have been looking for 18 months ( have a look at Irish blue ) information on their 

If you see one and to far to check out , someone in the club my be nearby to check it out for you

You will get one if you set a realistic price.Best of look

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1 hour ago, Monaco Blue said:

That is nice, and more so with the charcoal interior. It's a familiar registration, so guess someone on here will know more.

Note the missing chrome trims on both rear arches and badges on the tailgate.

Yes there’s bonnet pins too but overall it’s a great survivor 👍

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