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Fuel Tank Breather Pipe

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I can see where this pipe goes into the  boot floor but I can’t see where it comes out. I’ve look on my other Manta and the Mk1 but it’s nowhere to be found. I can’t believe it terminates in the rear chassis leg!

Does any one know? I’d be chuffed if someone could have a look and let me know. 🤞

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Just checked on a spare tank I have, it follows the line of the larger inlet pipe the bends off to enter  in the centre  of the tank....found this on ebay...




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Sorry I wasn’t very clear. The vent pipe goes out through a hole in the boot floor but I can’t see where it exits externally. Haynes says “A vent pipe is clipped to the bottom of the tank and leads out through the luggage compartment floor”





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Not overflow by design, it's a breather, its to allow air back in the tank as petrol is removed by using the car and also to allow for any expansion and contraction of the fuel by heat/cold, and to let air out as you fill the tank up. 

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So, theoretically it’s sucking in fresh air and unlikely to eject any fuel into the chassis rails? I’m happy with that. 🙂

I have determined the holes are as follows;

1 - Fuel supply pipe to fuel pump/engine through rubber grommet/bung

2 - Fuel tank breather pipe sealed with mastic/putty 

3 & 4 - Fuel tank trim panel locating holes.


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