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New E10 petrol grade. Ople manta b 1.8 GT/J 1982


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Hi All. Just enquiring as to the potential issues this higher bioethanol fuel might cause in our engine.

Checked the government web not listed. When we tried the higher E5 V-power it did not like it.

Could the E5 and E10 be mixed at a ratio to compensate the E10?


We have previously renewed all the fuel lines and repaired the pump and had the carburettor refurbished a few year back.


Any info thoughts would be greatly appreciated 





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Hi Thanks for the quick reply. And also very luckily we have just one Esso station near us. We used to have a few. Will give it a go. 

Just remember when we used V power it pinked and overran. Tried a few things but reverted back to normal fuel. Did not know Esso was ethanol free. But will check locally as the web says some areas it contains ethanol.


Many thanks.



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8 hours ago, cam.in.head said:

hi. yes esso synergy 99 for me too . been using it a while .

not noticed any running differences at all.either good or bad but at least iknow its ethanol free so il be using it in all mine for now.

It will produce a little more power, but virtually unnoticeable unless you are chasing tenths on the 1/4 🙂

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