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Hi all. Finally joined the club!!


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After many years of Manta ownership-since 1987 to be exact I’ve finally got round to joining the club!!!! 

I’m sure I’ll have spoken to a few on the Facebook page so hello again. 

Hopefully you’ll recognise The Money Pit !!!!


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7 hours ago, Irmscher Man said:

Hi Kal and welcome to the club, glad to have you on board.

We recognise the car from lurking around at Fuzz’s place! 

Thanks Paul. 

She’s emptied my wallet there a few times !! Got them a few extra viewers as well I imagine . 

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6 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Think it one of the nicest manta specs around, red paintwork, green tint glass, they got this one 100% spot on from the start, no mods or changes which always helps. 


More pics needed, and a wee bit of spec and history helps, 

I actually remember that advert !!! 

She’s got the standard Exclusive spec, as I don’t think there were many options around at that time, as GM were phasing them out and it was a case of what they could get. Luckily I had a friendly dealer, who knew my dad for years who knew what I wanted and gave me the heads up that he was getting a red coupe 2.0 GTE Exclusive(The Money Pit)  and a Monaco blue 1.8 hatch exclusive and I had first refusal on either. He even kept hold of her so I could get the F plate. 

Owned her from new. Recently had the underside refurbished, along with the suspension and brakes recently  at the Car SOS Workshop. 

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