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E10 - What needs to be done for full compatibility ?


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As we all know E10 is now the standard unleaded fuel at the pumps with some petrol stations, my local Sainsbury's being one, only selling E10. Whilst some stations will sell E5 Super Unleaded fuels for the foreseeable future (I know this is the easy way to resolve the issue) can a Manta ever be fully compatible with E10? If so, does anyone have a full comprehensive list of things that would be required, assuming they're available, to make an injected Manta E10 compliant? Obviously, fuel hoses are readily available, new Bosch fuel pumps are E20 rated, fuel filters are available but what else needs changing?

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One of the biggest issues is that E10 is hydroscopic so for a vehicle that’s not been used much and has E10 petrol in it there will be a lot of corrosion on various parts of the fuel system.

If you’re storing a car with fuel in it it’s always best to make sure the tank is full. 

There are additives you can add to E10 to help reduce the damaging affects of it.

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This is the reply that I received from Thomas at Edelschiede.


Hello Steve,

I'm not sure, if the seals are ready for E10. The material quality is FPM 75 Shore. Perhaps you can use this information 😊

Best regards from Germany

Thomas Nastke


I have subsequently spoken to a couple of companies in the UK that manufacture seals and they have confirmed that FPM 75 Shore is suitable for use with E10 fuel.

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9 hours ago, paulmanta said:

I was being serious...


This is what I'm doing.


Hi Paul,

I thank you for the above post and it does look very straight forward, albeit a bit of faffing around if you just want to drive your car. However, my point was whether we can successfully drive our cars on E10. The way I see it we have three options; 1. Remove the ethanol 2. Find & use E5 or 3. Use E10.  Of the three closest petrol stations to me two only sell E10 and the other has promised to keep E5, so I have options 1 & 2 available but can I make option 3 work for me? Is there anything inside the fuel tank that will be adversely affected by E10? I can change all the fuel pipes, fuel pump, fuel filter and now know the injector seals will be ok but is that enough for E10?

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The main trouble I have with ethanol is that is absorbs water from the atmosphere and will accelerate the rusting of the steel tank.

Its also got a lower calorific value so you burn more and get lower mpg.

Plus it rots rubber and seals plus eats old alloy parts.


Yeah, it's not going near my manta ! 

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Tesco near me used to do the super unleaded E5 but for the last few weeks those pumps have had out of use covers over them so i suspect that they will be stopping it!

I think mine should be ok for all the seals, pipes etc.. as i fitted the aftermarket injection to mine but like paulmanta says, it the water in the tank that is the main issue if you go through times when its not being used much and i know you can drain it but its a faff.

Will just need to keep using mine daily when its back on the road! 


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