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Ex Ian Virco Red Rocket.


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12 hours ago, Sutty2006 said:

Cars looking great! 

is that the same house? 😮

It is, i dug up a picture from google street view , dated 2012. The place was completely gutted after it was sold, garage knocked down and rebuilt pretty much from the ground up

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I drove past a couple of weeks ago and I must admit, I thought they pulled the house down and completely rebuilt the place when I first saw it. Proper job but I’m guessing it will be an £800k+ price tag when it goes on sale.

Its great to see the Gold Hatch on the drive. That is the car that everyone remembers Ian for and was the most favourite in his collection (He had almost 20 vehicles in his possession at one stage). I'm really pleased that both of these cars have been saved.

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15 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

I see she is soundproof less ! At present.

After pricing sound deading, I am trying yoga mats, 8mm thick. Soft foam, water resistant, and chip prices 🍟

Yoga mats are likely to be low density open-cell foam which will be transparent to the lower frequency road/engine noise. 
You may be able to find fire retardant high density stuff for industrial application such as covering for heating/cooling ducts though. 

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