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Auction Watch: 87D Polar White GTE Hatch

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9 hours ago, Trooker said:

I wondered if it had been a polar white car & wheels but later had an outside respray in glacier white?

looking at the colour of the inner wings its definately been repainted in a different white. Might be Glacier white might be some other white as it looks a bit bright for glacier, but that could just be the lighting.

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15 hours ago, Sutty2006 said:

Seen that white one somewhere before. 

a lot of mantas going through auction with them recently 

Surprises me with the extortionate fees they charge both seller and buyer, I guess people don't want the mither of all the timewasters and hagglers on Fleabay plus they did get good money for that red hatch.

Also seen this car somewhere before and I'm sure like evo says someone had asked about the white paint codes in the non too distant past.

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9 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Do remember quoting a paint code for a white hatch, and they said which one, there was two listed for that paint code, one was more brighter, other had alot more yellow in it, highly confusing. 

Painted the roof,tailgate on a manta hatch.perfect finish, like a dog with 2 dicks .Remove the paper only to find the wrong white 

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3 hours ago, Danny D114BCW said:

He used to own DUX. He sold that to us (and nearly killed us) and bought that (in the link above) thinking it would be the easiest thing to maintain - sadly it wasn’t so he sold that one too. 

Ah yes, I forgot he'd bought another one after DUX. One wonders what he is driving these days. 

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