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Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit

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It looks ok but it can be done for less without having to buy from germany and face the import tax issues.

I do the mounting brackets and bolts as a kit for £50 and the calipers, carriers and discs are all available seperately from eBay uk now from several places. The 6 bolts he supplies that are metric superfine thread are to go into the original nuts that hold the backplates on. But when i was developing my kit i found there wasn't room for a large hex head bolt because of the bulge in the axle tube end. So i use cap head bolts and new locknuts to hold it all together. In the picture it looks like he has ground the one side of the bolt head down to get it to fit, wonder if this is done for you by him or you have to do it yourself. The bolts in the pictures aren't modified.

I'm also not a fan of suggesting you grind away part of the caliper outer to get clearance for smaller wheels. I'd maybe remove a bit of the cooling fin type bit but not into the actual caliper, its that shape for a reason. The calipers he uses are apparently VW and are the same stlye as the mk4 astra Bosch type. I use the Lucas style calipers that are thinner to start with in that area and i know they fit under some 13" alloys but will not clear them all, it depends on the shape of the inside of the alloy as the caliper outer edge sits just past the disc mounting face like bellow


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