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Ebay: Hazel Brown 80V Cavalier 2.0GL £2500

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That's the one that has roofing felt over the battery tray, I was interested briefly as it was cheap but looked ok on the surface and I like the colour 🙄

It's full of bog though, and I'll bet its a patchwork quilt underneath, naughty of the seller to omit the under the bonnet pictures which show the roofing felt repair 🤣 

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trouble is nowadays with prices going stupid.people are sticking cars on ebay that we all would have scrapped or at least sold for £50 a few years back as parts cars.. and asking a few thousand for !

the cars we would have scrapped years ago that are still around have only got rustier and not just in the known areas. years back we all knew the main bits to check on our cars to decide if they were ok to buy or bad enough to pass on and now other areas not previously know to rust are rusting too.

people on here with near perfect cars have ( mostly) had to repair the usual a pillar/ kickpanel area and swan necks and the usual sills ,arches etc as a matter of course.unwelded or little welded cars are the minority although they do exist.

its a labour of love though and ultimately worth it !

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