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Had to drive the manta out of the garage,to give the garage a good clean after the work on the house been work on

Have got 2 batteries with when tested reading over 12 volts ( have not changed them for over a year) 

One is a 520 60 amp reading 12.49 volt 

One is a 720 don’t know what amp it is as the label as gone reading 12.59 volt 

The batteries are FREE to any one in the club 

l am just outside Liverpool by the M62 junction 5 ,very easy to find my house 

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On 16/12/2021 at 00:13, Kal001 said:

Blimey 4 batteries in stock in your garage.  

You know you can’t claim the local Halfords as your garage?? 

They are batteries l have kicking about, which are all good but the RAC/ AA said they need replacing so we don’t argue with the customer as we all know that the RAC,AA are always right 

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theydo say that batteries have a life span and thats true to a certain extent but there are exceptions.

back in the late 90's i bought a noname cheapo 075 size thats still fine today and also have a red top ultima which have had mixed reviews and thats still going from around thesame time .   in contrast ive bought bosch that have only lasted 5 or so years. same with a recent exide that only lasted 3 and then wouldnt accept charge.( case started swelling)

main thing thou is keeping them charged up wether connected to a car or not. not many batteries come back from the dead if left flat for long. i had a borderline  battery on a car for years. it would start car and work ok if you used car every day or so but if you left it a week would need recharging ( but still lived !) however it was left for 2 weeks once and never lived again !

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Some years ago, we toured Southern Ireland, making sure we called into any Opel Dealers we saw...their batteries were stickered Opel as Mantas were originally...bought one for my Manta (although a larger one than standard) but my car has been off the road for several years, it was possibly a bad buy..just thinking is it worthwhile to revisit Southern Ireland to purchase a new one or do we have any members who can assist? 

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A lot has to do with the quality of the batteries & metals used over the last 20 years. Internal resistance of the batteries have been increasing, that means in storage they drop to a dangerous charge level of 9-10v. This then starts a spiral of event that eventually will damage the plates and the the process continues to just deteriorate.

However, 12v batteries are a lot cheaper then they used to be, so replacement is just considered Part of the service life. When you buy a battery with a 10year warranty, the battery is not particularly better than that other Bosch with half the warranty, it's premium is a kind of insurance. We go through a lot of batteries at the garage and it's interesting to see how quickly new oem are failing. This time of year is big battery business for the suppliers. Short trips with all heating, electric seats, lights and stop/start and a couple of days of no use at all are great for killing the batts with Sulfation


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