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Shock absorber refurb


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14 hours ago, ®evo03 said:

Anyone run konis in their manta? Any links for new ones? 

Yep, run Koni's on mine. Got new ones on the back and the fronts are old ones i have for ages, probably need a refurb!

I run them on the lowest setting as otherwise its a rough ride!!

If you find the right part number for yours and do some looking around there are lots of places that you can get them from. Got my backs from Amazon and they were the cheapest at the time.

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30 minutes ago, moodoo said:

Are the konis a ‘sport’ damper, are they really stiff, or are they ok for road use? 

Koni sports ones, stick them on the lowest setting and they are great if you are looking for a firm sporty ride. Yellow ones.#

KONI 82-1739SPORT Shock Absorber are the front for the A

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13 hours ago, moodoo said:

Have you lowered your car Andy? What springs are you running? (Sorry for thread highjack...)

Hey Fin

Yep lowered a bit on the back with Koni springs and i had the fronts made from the original Koni ones as they weren't low enough and didn't want to just cut them. I worked out the height i wanted, sent the old ones to a place that makes spring and the worked out the rating on the old and made the new the same rating but lower, as just cutting them increases the rating and makes the ride harder but like this i got the best of both. I think i had a link to the spring place on the blog.

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