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Rev counter help


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I have redone the dash and gauges on my coupe using so gauges from EBay. It has all come out very well but I am unable to get the rev counter to work. I am running a DIS red top C20XE using the ECU out put. My original manta rev counter worked fine so know that side is fine. The seller says in need too set the pulse ratio per revolution. I have been unable to find this anywhere.  Can anyone help me out with this ratio?! 

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2 hours ago, clivecoupe said:

I have just realised my stupidity. If the original manta rev counter signal comes from the coil it must be 2 pulses per revolution for 2 sparks per revolution. And if the rev counter worked correctly from the ECU out put it must be the same. IE 2 pulses per revolution! 

Does it not just gave the setting for 4cyl on the back? But yes it would 2 pulses as you say.

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