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Manta B Ventilation Fan

Jonathan Pounsett

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You may be aware but just in case you don’t find one


is a great write up of repair/refurb.

I ordered the recommended bearings yesterday as mine failed the other day but thought it was just a slightly dodgy plug/socket. On Saturday I discovered that the wires had become brittle/broken on the blower side of the 3 pin plug so will need to source that too. 
Note that the black is constant +12v & the switch inside grounds the resistor or the motor. 

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Thanks to @Exclusive Opel’s tutorial I now have a fully functioning fan. Thanks to to @Trookerfor pointing me in the right direction.

Knowing the tabs are likely to break made me extra cautious but I did manage to gently pry them open without any damage. I cleaned up this bearing without removing it using a rolled up piece of fine wet and dry.


I pressed the other bearings out through the retaining spring clip and then levered out the clip through the spindle hole. It was probably possible to clean this bearing in-situ too - but it’s out now.



Retaining clip was reused, pressed into place with a suitably sized socket.


Whilst it was all apart I re-sprayed the casing and cleaned up the armature and bearing surfaces.


Finally lightly oiled and reassembled with a new retaining washer.


Ingredients; spray paint and a single retaining washer.

Time taken; 1 hour.


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