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Just re joined since mid 90s😉

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Hi Guys 

Just re joined from years ago when I had many a Manta then went Italian and finaly found my ascona.

I nipped over to Holland for the old girl and currently doing a 400 replica,all welding done,brakes,shocks,springs all upgraded,preped and painted inside and underneath and now embarking on the 5 stud and ronal upgrade with the bodykit.

Sourced blitz interior and having 400 door cards made up with the interior getting all put back in when I'm back.

Booked in for painting in August let's see 🤣

I work abroad so only get a few months a year to get amongst it and back home July and August.

Engine conversion last and all arse about face how I'm doing it however my work and time away is more arse about face.

I'm up in Scotland in livingston and good to be back and Faithfull to the cause again.

Thanks Daz 





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Great pics, liking the banded wheels,  should have came like this standard.

Nice lowered motor and wide rims,  kicks the arse of any modern car.. In looks!

So the plan going forward is a 400 replica, 

Great work, great progress.

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Don’t get her sprayed yet - at least not top coats. You’ll hate working on her if you’re scared to touch her. It horrifies me if I have to cut or drill something even dropping a spanner can cause serious upset.

Appears to be a good robust body and you’ve done some professional repairs. Good luck!

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