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Getrag 240/260 strip down same...ish


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I want to strip down the 240 box to replace input/output bearings found (YouTube) only people speaking Russian and beating it with club hammers did find a nice video but  a 260 box same process to break down?


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cheers jess think did see part of this thread but only to  replace input bearing.

the main problem with this box 1st gear is noisy but reverse and all other gears are quite ,worn 1st gear cog or something else. 

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Pulling it apart should be quite easy as it will probably only have sealer between the two sections, make sure you have removed every bolt as there is one sneaky one that doesn't look like it has anything to do with it coming apart!

See here for a full view of all the parts.


and an inside pic.


Once you have all the bolts out it just a case of tapping it lose and then tapping it off the main shaft.

Getting it on is more of a bugger as you have to line up the 3 selector shafts perfectly before it then just pops on. Again no hitting required if its all located properly.

Just take you time and don't be tempted to hit it with the big adjusting tool too hard!!



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Hope these pictures help. 










I do have some info on the 4 speed gearbox via Opel GT Source website if needed by anyone.

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Updated info.
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