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The car is one of mine cracking original car lightly restored only for sale as I don’t have space too keep them all inside 😔and it was this our my Astra gte one had to go may be a small discount if a club member wants the car would like it to go to a good home   

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It does look tidy indeed, I'd keep the Manta but I'm a bit biased 😉  good luck with the sale, my Project that I need to sell to fund another Manta  is STILL in the bodyshop although the paint arrived yesterday and it is finally getting stripped, told him that the Mrs is eyeing up all kinds of furniture and decor for when I turn the conservatory in to a warm room in the next few months so he needs to get a wriggle on if he wants paid 😂

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I would have kept the manta but I have 2 coupes one on spit and others coming along how I have resisted from putting a 16v in i don’t know 😂be a shame to spoil a original car I think personally.


But I Have this to finish off once the hatch is out the way .

that being said if I don’t get a sensible price it will stay 


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Probably OEM springs, with the years of looking at GTE’s which was a 30mm? drop over a standard SRB & then 20-40mm further drop on GTE’s with aftermarket mods back in the day + larger alloys we’ve become accustomed to cars that struggle with speed bumps. 

The original 1.8 sat high 


If one was going for factory look, I.e.  it’s the wrong alloys etc then I’d suggest that the front springs are too low 😂

Not my personal preference though!

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Lovely car, good luck with the sale on Sunday.

I wouldn’t be surprised if that sells to be honest, and makes over the higher estimate. Hatches seem to be doing quite well at the moment, so hopefully a few discerning buyers take a fancy to it and it goes to fund the 400R! Be nice to see that running!

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