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Gold Berlinetta hatch wedding car.

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Spotted today beside Meldrum house Hotel Oldmeldrum, a gold Berlinetta hatch being driven with white ribbons and the groom in the passenger seat, I passed them while driving my white manta gte coupe, gave them the big thumbs up, is this anyone in the club?

Think they were surprised to see another manta 😎

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They were very surprised and delighted to see another manta! It was the first thing they said to me when they got to the hotel. 

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That’s brilliant,

Is the owner local as we have a North East OMOC WhatsApp group to organise local meets, members come from areas such as Stonehaven, Peterhead, Elgin, Huntly and Orkney 👍

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Here we are with some of our manta’s, Royal Deeside show last year.

if you PM me your name and phone number I can get you added to our WhatsApp group and we can include you in our local meetings and rallies, it would be great to see another manta there 👍

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Never, there is another gold Berlinetta and a red Berlinetta hatch in the group, and a few projects underway, some just starting and some near completion, I’ve contacted the group admin to add you, hopefully he will get you added this evening 👍

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