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Manta 400r in rhyl last nite?

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Last nite i had phone call of a mate who was in Rhyl, North Wales.He was in Halfrauds carpark at one of these boyracermeets.He rang to tell me there was a manta 400 (must of been a replica obviously but he can't tell the diffrence)It had come onto the carpark sidways and done some playing when it stopped a rather large crowd gathered round it.Its nice to know it doesn't matter how many bits of crap you stick to a nova/corsa/saxo etc its always the proper cars that stand out.[;)].Was it anybody off here?

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Bet they all came over wondering what it was, its not a Saxo or a corsa...must be something from another planet..[:D]

Good to see the old motors turning heads..



1980 Black Berlinetta Coupe (well most of one anyway)

1985 White GT/E

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I must admit it was me !!! I was on the wayout to the local wheni saw all the little boy racers on the car park and knew one of mates would be there in his DEISEL Turbo Renault 19, so i went back home got the Manta and went down there to show the little boys what a real RWD car do only stayed there for approx 20 mins but sure enough got loads of attention.

Dave Davies AKA Daishag Rallying [^]

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If you want to look at a picture of the car follow this link :-

http://www.manta400.netfirms.com/motors ... _400r.html

I know it says its Chris 400r but its mine !!!! Why they have got me name wrong is any ones guess, i have e-mailed Nelson pleading with him to change the website approx 3 weeks ago but i guess he's a busy man as its still on there as Chris 400r.

Cheers Dave aka Daishag Rallying [^]

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Hmmm, not bad. Think he will struggle to make the BIK price but nevertheless it looks pretty tidy and in the Opel sport colours too.

Nice to think someone in the Northwest could buy it.

Selling your Parts and Cars through E-bay will eventually sell your club down the River!!

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Just had an e-mail of Total Vauxhall this Car the 400r will be featured in the December edition outlater this month. It has made the front cover all though not the main car pictured they said it was cover car 2, im looking forward to seeing the article.

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