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Mantas In Edinburgh

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Hey there, I was out in my Mk1 Cavalier last thursday and saw a white B-series on my way home - it looked good - but I was just happy to see another Manta on the road! If this was you please respond or if you have a manta / Cav and are in or around Edinburgh set up a post. If there's enough people we can maybe get a meet going. Cheers.


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I wonder if it was the same white B that I saw in Anstruther yesterday - sure it was a W reg and it had the quad lights - made my day[:D] Its years since I passed another Manta on the road. Typical though, I wasn't in my own Manta at the time so there was no point flashing the lights as the guy would think I was mad.

Rab Crowe is the man to speak to, he is the Scottish Rep, have a look at - [urlhttp://groups.msn.com/ScottishClanManta-]

David OMOC Member 420



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young_un 1 `Clan` land is Manta Heaven whar hiv yae been ? drop me an E- Mail, awe info yae need on ScottishClanManta site.

There`s a few bonny mantas doon your neck of the woods, if ever passin Dunblane jist pop intae thi hoose thi doors always open tae all Opel Folk`s.


Scottish Rep.



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