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Manta coupe shock absorbers same all years ?


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Front shocks are worn out (bouncy bouncy) need to replace want something standard looking found some listsd 75-88 gas is this correct same front shocks over the years including exclusives

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if you want original spec but cantfind any original gm ones then aftermarket boge are pretty much the same spec albeit a little firmer. if thats what you are after.

i know this from experience.original gm shocks for the cav always were soft and thats how i personally like it. the boge/sachs seem identical in every way (and were most likely the ones who made the originals anyway)but to a slightly different spec. 

oem manufacturers dont necessarily make the replacements to the same spec or quality as the originals.? ?

many people will think the original ones too soft especially if comparing the ride with a modern car.but be carefull you dont go too firm and ruin a good car !

 i have a pair of boge front ones here that i put on for a week but then changed back to some nos originals i picked up at billing show. 1 bounce and stop on std springs rather than 1 1/2 on oem.

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