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my hatch... R1 POWER


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How good a condition wing do you need?

I have a spare with no rust but a couple of dents, one behind where the front bumper covers and a small one higher up.

Im not far away just over in Harrogate if you want to have a look at it :thumbup

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cheers mate i may take you up on that offer, just waiting for a few emails to come back.

right back at it tonight. i was going to change the roof for a spare roof skin i have due to the dreaded

rust starting to come though. but decided against it due to the fact theres loads to do elsewhere and im wanting to

get this down to billing and a few track days this year.

so massive sunroof it is:) measure n tape of the hole ready to cut.


cut hole. yes i know im go blind one day...


this is the peice i cut out, no rust left in oversized roof goes on to clean metal.


dummy fit new sunroof, perfect:)


was affraid it was too big and wouldnt fit the curv of the roof. but it dones.


roof done bar headline refit. job was about 1 hour long. all u need to do is sourse an over sized sunroof.

next job. fit new fuel tank. rub whole car down for respray.

then mot then playtime:)

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Very nice :thumbup I used a very fine blade in my jigsaw. the grinder idea looks quicker :D Is the glass is off a Clio?.

[edit] I used Evo glue (red and black tin from B&Q) for putting the headliner back on. Works a treat, bit messy tho.


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Very nice :thumbup I used a very fine blade in my jigsaw. the grinder idea looks quicker :D Is the glass is off a Clio?.

Anyone not planning on a respray might like to try a nibbler. Distortion free and no sparks / filings on the paint, very little clearance required on the B side.

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forgot the nibbler. that was the plan but i left it at work so i used a very thin cutting disc,

no distortion at all. plus nibbler wouldnt of done the drip tray shit idea thingy that was under the roof:)

not sure what the sunroofs out of. i just think its a new universal fit jobbie. just bought the biggest one i could find.

did see alot of clio ones on ebay tho. not looking forward to doing the headlining:(

bit more of an update, we tried to be lazy and do chassis legs with engine and subframe still in ca

after a few hours welding in funny upside down positions we decided to whip the engine out. this only took 15mins.. lesson learned.

so 1 chassis leg is complete and done propper:) hopefully doing the other sunday. cant wait to get back out in this:)

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more chassis leg work tonight. its good knowing youve got great legs:)



just a few bits to sort now b4 the engine goes back in. OOOoooshhhh(keith lemon)

oh and heres the 1 we just finished mk1 astra with xe on bike carbs..


theres a full thread on this on mig if your interested.


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with the welding done time to tart the old lass up.

so while engines out am going to give here a fresh coat of paint.

just a quick jetwash b4 the prep:) so glad i dint sell now. love this car:)




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its getting there kev mate. cars nearly fully rubbed down now.

doors off just a few things to sort b4 the colour goes on,

drivers door was alot rotten in the corner, i was just going to swap it for

a good door i bought a while ago. but these are like hens teeth now so i thought id

have a go at saving it:)


cut the rot out


things always look alot better after the rust is cut away.


make plate


weld in, tack weld so not to distort door.


fill n sand. door saved:)

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im using r1 pump, it regulates its self. drilled jets to 1.8mm but im thinking of going 1.9.

this runs smooth. ive done 2 r1 carbs engines now and both are fine, have you balanced them, this makes a

massive differance??

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and the work goes on.

finally got it all flattened n ready for a polish:)


time for engine to go back in. i find this the easiest way




jobs left to do, new tank to fit.

new fuel lines.

interior to refit.

mot then billing:)

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