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Attention important post !!!!

lewis p

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1 hour ago, cam.in.head said:

personally im not a fully paid up member.rather a online forum only so my opinion may be invalid anyway but here goes........

there are a few car clubs around of which im in 2 of them .they both have a similar idea.

an online one like im here on now and a facebook version too. i cannot understand why any club would want to be split in two like this.you get some people posting questions and answers in one place and some in the other. so most members end up being in 'half a club' .       to go on facebook (which i never have and never will !) you have to be on the internet anyway so why have two part clubs ?    maybee im missing a point here but i cant see it !

Choice, why have only half the number of people in the club. 

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Forums are for diehards.... Like us, 

Facebook is for scrollers, see it plenty when bike commuting, it's like a weird finger dance 🤣

Alot of forums have died a death, and sometimes it's impossible to get more than a photo, spec list if your lucky, so we are doing something right 🤠

Came across a bike builders forum recently, with basically a how to section, unreal and so greatful forums like this, and THIS! still exist. 

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I run a football forum and it is so much more civilised than Faceache, after a defeat the Facebook place seemingly descends in to a sort of mard war zone ditto twitter. I'm grateful for the Admins of this place as I'll not be setting foot on Facebook anytime soon.

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