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Manta A with Truck Cabin shock-airbag front axle Air ride suspension


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Im searching the simplest way to do an air ride on my manta. I want to go lowride, but i like the off-road way so i need to put it up.

i have searched on catalogue for the truck cabin shock-airbag

founded with same specification of the original manta a shock

from min 220mm to 320mm. 
and the cabin weight i think its about 2.5 ton, so the valve on the shock with the weight of the manta its lika a sport shock

has anyone ever thought about it? 
you think its possible?spacer.png




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Seen a couple of Manta on air, was  only watching a vid a couple of weeks ago that popped into my vids list!


But it’s not fronts, and the MantaA uses a different lower arm than the B/CC so kits available for this might not work. https://www.x2industries.com/product/1977-1988-opel-manta-rear-air-suspension-bracket-kit-no-fittings/?add-to-cart=39328



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On 26/08/2022 at 13:52, Jessopia74 said:

Seen a couple of Manta on air…

I have seen all of the topic and video on the web. Im searching for it from 5 years ago (5 years ago i have watche that video on YouTube)

The rear its very simple and cost about 70usd for two air bags.

But the front its very difficult for the length 22cm to 30cm.

somebody have welded an external shock and where is the spring have putted only the air bags

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